Monday, January 3, 2011

Window Treatments for Glass Sliding Doors Offer Many Options

Window treatments for glass sliding doors allow you to view the beauty of nature while protecting you from the elements. These window treatments let you control light, but should also be easy to operate. Sliding glass doors may be an attractive and efficient way of letting light and air into your home, but they're also a big source of heat loss. Additionally, if you don't have the right window treatment for glass sliding doors, they can be an eyesore and lead to an unattractive d├ęcor.

The two main considerations when choosing window treatments for glass sliding doors are how much traffic the door causes and how much light you want to receive through the glass. Additionally, working with sliding glass doors requires a good sense of design and proportion. Some rooms can use the sliding doors as a focal point, while other rooms are thrown off balance if they already have a major design feature, such as a fireplace or a cathedral ceiling.

If your doors are the focal point of a room, there are several ideas to try. An elegant solution is a Japanese wood and rice-paper screen called shoji screens. If you're willing to put in a bit more time and effort, you can have sliding shoji doors mounted on your sliding glass ones. This imparts the look of shoji on the inside and the practicality of glass on the outside. Another option would be to create your own shoji screen out of semi-transparent or translucent fabrics stretched over a wooden frame, resulting in a look that is a cross between quilting and stained glass.

If you prefer a subtle, updated look to your window treatments for glass sliding doors, consider Vertiglide shades, which move horizontally along a track. However, if you like unfiltered light and privacy is not an issue, treat your glass doors like a window and mount a swag over the top. Or check out indoor shutters for an oversized, playful look. Fabric panels are also a popular choice, and sheer fabrics will give the room a sense of spaciousness. Vertical blinds allow complete light control and operate very easily. Choose metal blinds with small slats sizes for a contemporary, clean appearance. Another option is pleated shades or small cell honeycomb that impart an elegant look.

Finally, you can conserve energy and save money with window treatments for glass sliding doors. A simple and effective way of keeping the cool in and the heat out is to shade your windows from the sun. The most effective way to do this are external shading devices that reduce heat before it penetrates the glass, such as small aluminum louvers, fiberglass mesh, or tough metalized polyester film laminated to vinyl shade screens. Although interior shades are not as effective, they do block a certain amount of the sun's heat.

Removable window treatments for glass sliding doors will allow you to let sunlight and solar heat into your home in the wintertime. These environmental-friendly treatments will also save you money on heating bills. Your glass sliding doors may be just right for your room, but there are times when you'll have to make up for their shortcomings in terms of appearance with the way you cover them. As you can see, you have more options than you may have realized.


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