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CUPID!!!-Labrador Retriever Mix: An adoptable dog in Chester, MD

Cupid: Labrador Retriever, Dog; Chester, MDEnlarge Photo


Labrador Retriever Mix: An adoptable dog in Chester, MD

Large • Baby • Male
Entered 2/21/2010 Cute is an understatement when describing this little guy and his 6 siblings who are just 8-10 weeks old. They are eager to find a loving family to call their own so please stop by the center to meet them.

More about Cupid

Spayed/Neutered • Up-to-date with routine shots • Primary colors: Black, White or Cream • Coat length: Medium

Cupid's Contact Info

Animal Resource Foundation Inc, Chester, MD

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2011 Run 4 Shelter Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Registration is now open- SAT September 10th



ARace Courses:

*Half Marathon*- FAST & FLAT (expect Asphalt, Beach "50yrds", Wooded trails, Oyster Shell Trails, Elevated Foot Bridges)
The truly unique Half Marathon course follows the Cross Island Trail west to Terrapin Park where runners will follow oyster shell trails to a short "beach challenge" flanking the Chesapeake Bay. The course continues on through the Chesapeake Bay Business Park and looping back on the cross island trail.
*5k & 10K*- FAST & FLAT (expect Asphalt, Elevated Foot Bridges)
The 5K and 10K Race course is situated on Cross Island Trail in Queen Anne's County. The 5K is fast and flat with a course that takes you through a 3.1 mile picturesque landscape of wooded trails and elevated foot bridges. The scenic course runs through Gibson's Grant Community, a quaint new development nestled on the scenic 55 acre Chester River Environmental Park. The 10K course follows the trail to Love Point Park. Come take in nature's beauty and experience the land of pleasant living on the eastern shore!
Click here to view a video of the course.
Click here to view photos of the course and natural habitat.
Click here to view the Our Haven Shelter video.


Cross Island Trail/ Kent Narrows: 
Piney Narrows Rd Chester MD 21619 
See map.

Directions to Race:

From Eastbound RT 50:
Take exit 41 Kent Narrows West, make a left at stop sign onto RT 18/Main Street , make next left going under the overpass toward Piney Narrows Road, make right on Piney Narrows Road, make first left into factory outlet complex.See map.
From Westbound RT 50:
Take exit 41 Kent Narrows west and follow ramp down and make left on Piney Narrows Road. Make first left into the factory outlet complex. See map.

Race Day Schedule:

6:30 AM Race Day Registration & Packet Pickup 
7:30 AM Half Marathon Start 
8:30 AM 5K Race/Walk 
8:30 AM 10K Race/Walk 
9:00 AM Kids Fun Run 
Post Race Awards Ceremony & Refreshments


Overall (Male/Female) and 
Masters (Male/Female). 
Age Group Awards (Top Three Finishers): 
12 under, 13-15, 16-20, 21-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70+ 
Kids Fun Run: Awards for all participants

Race Timing:

Chip Timing and scoring will be provided.

Post Race:

Awards, food, and beverages.


For individual and team registration, see our registration page for registration options.

Race Directors:

Aaron Baxter 410-507-1935

Our Haven Shelter info:

Website - 
Krista Pettit - Shelter Director 410-739-4363

Run 4 Shelter Brochure:

Help us promote the Run 4 Shelter 5K! Download our color brochure 
and give to friends and coworkers. Thanks!

Join us on FaceBook and Twitter

Click on the logos below to join in the Run 4 Shelter Community: 
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Other Links

Couch to 5K - Training Schedule 

Promo VideoT September 10

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Humidifiers - The Secret Behind the Perfect Atmosphere

Wintertime brings chills in the air, rosy cheeks from the cold, ice on the roads, and the obvious evergreens’ beauty.  But I do not want to bring winter into my home, so I shut up my windows and crank the heat up, which means my skin begins to get dry, my throats start to hurt, and static electricity abounds.  Do you have a similar story?  Our problem – we lack a healthy humidity in our homes.  Humidity refers to the amount of water vapor in the air.  When the humidity level becomes to low, our health is affected.  When the humidity level is to high, we feel sticky. 

In addition to the already stated symptoms, low humidity can cause static electricity, cause or aggravate respiratory problems, dry out nasal passages, and make you more susceptible to colds or the flu.  Painful shocks from person to person can also be directly linked to low humidity.  When hardwood floors lose moisture, they can separate at the seams.  Houseplants will wilt and even die.  Wallpaper may start peeling at the edges.  Low humidity can cause various problems. 

Low humidity levels are often blamed on the winter season, which is usually the case; however, our artificial heating systems only enhance the problem.  Humidity levels should remain at about 30-50 percent. 
How do you reach that target zone?  Humidifiers are an easy solution.  They not only increase the humidity in a safe, water vapor form way, some can even help save on your heating bills. 

Your body feels heat by a combination of two ways: one – temperature; two – humidity.  So, the more humidity that’s in the air, the warmer you will feel.  If humidity is added to dry heated air, you can actually turn your thermostat down and be just as comfortable. 

In order to choose the right humidifier, you need to take a few things into consideration.  Obviously you will look at the cost, the cost to run the humidifier, and the cost to maintain the machine, but that is not the only consideration.  You need to know the size of room that the humidifier needs to reach.  This will help you know how large of a capacity the humidifier needs to be; in other words, how many gallons per day of operation.  You can calculate your needs by measuring the square footage of the room you want to humidify, then use the below chart to determine what size humidifier you need. Then you need to consider what type of humidifier that you need – Warm Mist? Steam Vaporizers? Cool mist?  Console Humidifier?  The warm mist humidifiers are a heating system that releases warm, clean moisture into the air.  This humidifier will slightly elevate the temperature of the room.  You can also add medication to this machine, and it will simple put it into the air. 
Steam humidifiers can be a risk in that there is actually steam exiting the humidifier, which is an obvious danger to children.  This humidifier uses two electrodes to turn water into steam.  The vapors are then released into the air to moisten the air as well as heat it. 

Cool mist humidifiers can operate in one of two ways.  Impeller humidifiers use a quickly rotating disc to shoot cool vapors into the air.  Evaporative humidifiers use a fan to move air through a filter saturated with water, which then propels cool, moist air into the room.  Both the evaporative and impeller humidifier releases moist and cool air into the room, in contrast to the other humidifiers that release heat. 
Console humidifiers work like evaporative humidifiers but they humidify the whole house. 

So, in conclusion, when contemplating which humidifier you are going to buy, remember the three main questions. 

1.How much does the humidifier cost?  How much will it cost to operate, and how much will maintenance costs be? 

2.How large of an area does the humidifier need to cover?

AreaSize of Humidifier in Gallons
500 sq. ft. or smaller1.5 – 2.0
530 – 600 sq. ft.2.2 – 2.5
700 – 800 sq. ft. 3.0 – 3.5
900 – 1000 sq. ft.4.0 – 5.0
1000 – 2000 sq. ft.7.0 – 9.0
Over 2000 sq. ft.10.0 or higher

3.  What type of humidifier do you need?
Warm Mist?  Steam Vaporizer?  Cool Mist (Impeller, Evaporative)?  Console?

Things to remember:
  • Keep the humidity in your home between 35 – 40 percent by consulting a humidistat.
  • Place humidifiers on an inside wall, away from obstructions and as close to the cold air return of your furnace as possible. 
  • Regularly clean your humidifier to prevent the buildup of minerals and to prevent bacterial growth. 
  • If your house is too humid, the warm, moist air in contact with the cold, dry surface will create water droplets because the water in the air condenses. 
  • Place your humidifier on a hard, level surface that will not be damaged by spilled water.  DO NOT place your humidifier on the carpet or a cloth.
  • Warm mist and Steam vaporizer humidifiers boil water.  Keep children away from these units.
  • Make sure to check which type of water you should put into the humidifier.  Some require certain kinds. 
  • Never put anything in the humidifier that is not recommended by the humidifier manufacturer. 
  • Do not store or leave your humidifiers for long periods of time with water in it.  Undesirable odors from fungus and bacteria growth will develop.

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The Home Inspector - Water Damage Lookout

Before buying a home, hire a professional to come and inspect the following major house systems to insure that they do not have any problems or deficiencies: the heating and central air conditioning, plumbing, the roof, electrical systems, attic, visible insulation, walls, windows, ceilings, floors, foundations, and the basement.

Even if expenses are tight, set aside money to hire the inspector, for he or she may catch the slightest evidence of water damage that you would otherwise have had to later pay thousands of dollars to repair the damaged walls, structural beams, ceilings, and/or foundation.

Water damage may occur for multiple reasons. For one, if the temperature drops below negative ten, your water pipes can freeze or even burst, resulting in six inches of water covering your floors. If you own a pool and it begins to leak, you will definitely ruin your lawn and most likely flood our basement. Or perhaps your washing machine will overflow or the sewer pipes will back up, both will result in a flooded basement. Maybe water will seep from the ground into the basement, which will damage the foundation and interior. If your roof leaks during a heavy rainstorm, it will likely be damaged, as well as the attic, ceiling, and maybe even furniture. When the kids overflow the bathtub, water seeps into corners and wood, which could stain and eventually lead to mold growth and structural damage. If a nearby stream, river, or lake overflows, your living room may be flash flooded.

Insurance companies often cover water damage problems. So, if you currently have water damage, contact your insurance agent to see if the issue is covered. If you are not dealing with water damage, consult an agent anyway to make sure you know which of our possessions are covered in your insurance plan and which are not.

Before buying a home, make sure you and your inspector have examined for the following major issues: water seepage and wet basements, roof leaks, and weak water pressure. To prevent water seepage and wet basements, make sure any house foundation cracks are sealed and all surface water runs-off away from the house. If the house has small cracks in the foundation or has porous walls, heavy rains could cause severe and expensive structural damage. And by simply redirecting water surface run-off, water damage problems can be alleviated.
When investigating the roof, take extra time to examine the flashing, areas where the roof plane changes. For example, if the roofing was poorly laid around the chimney or plumbing vent, there may now be water damage. When you have a home or if you already have a home, check the flashing and the interior of your roof at least once a season to catch constant leaks early and to prevent mold growth or damage to the insulation.

Poor water pressure could be the result of either deficiencies in your water service supply, or it could stem from the more costly problem - your piping needs to be upgraded. The plumbing problem may be as simple as blocked faucets aerators that are partially closed or defective. If your home is older, you may have galvanized piping (steel pipes with zinc coating), which will likely mean that time has allowed your pipes to either corrode or gathered deposit build-up. In this case, you should think about replacing the blocked sections of piping.

One of the largest water issues of today is mold. Mold has become the cause of numerous insurance claims because they can be harmful to one’s health and destructive to homes. Normally molds are not indoor problems, unless mold spores land on a dark, moist spot. Molds produce allergens, irritants, and potentially toxic substances, such as mycotoxins. When in contact with mold, sensitive people may experience allergic reactions, fever-type symptoms, runny nose, red eyes, skin rashes, sneezing, asthma attacks, sore throats, and/or irritated lungs. Usually only allergic and irritant type reactions from inhaling molds are reported
If you have just bought a house or currently own one, take the following steps to prevent mold damage of your home and to prevent health issues.
  1. Examine your home for mold. When found, wash it off hard surfaces, and allow them to dry completely. If you find mold on absorbent materials, such as carpets, tiles, or ceilings, replace them.
  2. Keep your air conditioner, refrigerator, and dehumidifier’s drip pans accessible to keep clean and dry.
  3. When you are showering, cooking, or using the dishwasher, keep exhaust fans running or windows open in the kitchen and bathrooms.
  4. Always keep the vents of your dryers and bathroom exhaust fans flowing outside.
  5. If you’ve experienced a flood, replace the affected absorbent materials such as carpets and drywall.
  6. Find a hygrometer at a hardware store to measure the humidity level and maintain a relatively low level of 30-50 percent.
  7. Use mold-killing products to clean your bathroom and kitchen.
  8. Add mold inhibitors to paint when you are painting your home.
  9. Never carpet your bathrooms. If you have carpet there, ripe it up and replace it with vinyl, laminate, or tile.
  10. If the problem is overwhelming or heath problems are acting up, consult a professional.
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Single Family Home for sale in Chestertown, MD




Single Family Home

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249 Duke of Kent Street
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Picture of "Peeler" floats-1932.

Peeler crabs are placed in floats that are ready to shed into soft crabs.

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I had to pass this along.  Thank you for sharing



"A Packer fan was enjoying himself at the game in a packed Lambeau Field, until he noticed an empty seat down in front. He went down and asked the guy next to it if he knew whose seat it was.

The guy said, "Yes, that's my wife's seat. We have never missed a game since the Lombardi days, but now my wife is dead." The fan offered his sympathy and said it was really too bad he couldn't find some relative to give the ticket to and enjoy the game together. "Oh no," the guy said, "They're all at the funeral."


Photo of the Day-People Flock to Eastern Shore

Some things never change

Herman-Foxhound mix- Adopt him today!


Herman: Foxhound, Dog; Queenstown, MDEnlarge Photo

Herman: Foxhound, Dog; Queenstown, MD Herman: Foxhound, Dog; Queenstown, MD Herman: Foxhound, Dog; Queenstown, MD


Foxhound Mix: An adoptable dog in Queenstown, MD

Large • Adult • Male

Herman's story is one of our saddest at the shelter. He came to us as a stray on May 10, 2010. He crouched in the back of his kennel whenever anyone walked by and shyed away from the touch of every staff and volunteer. Little by little Herman grew more comfortable here and came out of his shell. He became fast friends with some of the high energy dogs residing at the shelter. But, week by week, his friends were adopted leaving Herman behind. He has been in foster care since November working on his social skills. Virtually housebroken, Herman has become a great house dog. However, despite Herman improving by leaps and bounds he still has one issue to work on- he is very intimidated by the father of the family. A tragic previous experience we'll never know about has Herman terrified of men. Herman deserves a great home and we are confident he will continue to improve in day to day life. He loves to cuddle and gets along with ...

Read More about this Pet Read more about this Pet

More about Herman

Spayed/Neutered • Up-to-date with routine shots

Herman's Contact Info

Queen Anne's County Dept. of Animal Services, Queenstown, MD

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Top 10 tips for buying your first home

If one of your goals this year is to make the shift from renter to homeowner, you should begin preparations now for an exciting emotional and financial adventure.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Saving for the Super Bowl: How to Throw a FREE Game Day Fiesta

Get 5 smart tips to save big on your game-day party--and share some of your own tips for a chance to win a Super Bowl bash on us.

1. Cheer for charity

Have fun watching the game with friends and family while supporting a good cause--and take a tax deduction, too. Here’s what to do:
  • Choose a charity or cause you love.
  • Provide guests with suggested donations. For example, if you want to raise $500, recommend each person donate $25.
  • Ask your local liquor store if it would donate a little free product in exchange for free promotion at your event. More often than not, the business is willing.

2. Get sponsored

Let a brand donate their food and drink to your party. Here’s how to get involved:
  • has a host of brands willing to provide free goods and services for your party, including DiGiorno Pizza and Kraft.
  • Pick the brand you’d like to host and then complete a questionnaire about yourself and your knowledge of the brand. Your answers help the House Party team know if you’re a good fit for the promotion.
  • If you’re chosen, the brand will supply a host of party goods for you and your friends to enjoy.

3. Go green to save green

Some NFL stadiums have been taking measures to go green for years now, saving hundreds of thousands in energy costs and recycling everything from straws to cooking grease. Here’s how you can conserve at home:
  • Use real dishes. Save about $20 and space in a landfill by not buying plastic plates, cups, and silverware.
  • Send Evites. Don’t send paper invitations. Use free electronic invitations instead.
  • Recycle, donate, or sell your big, old TV. Use the big game as an excuse to treat yourself to a sleek, energy-efficient LCD TV. It’ll cost you up front, though you may find a pre-game day deal (see below) and you’ll save on energy in the long run.

4. Go coupon hunting

There are tons of blogs and websites out there that have the scoop on the latest deals at hundreds of retailers. Save big on everything from food to supplies to electronics just by spending a few minutes doing an online search. Here’s what we found:

5. Get a little help from your friends

After all, it’s the company that really makes the party special. So rather than breaking your back (and the bank) trying to get everything done by yourself, include your guests and make it fun.
  • Have a competitive potluck. Have a cook-off for fans of opposing teams (or let each person fend for themselves). It’ll add to the spirit of the day and save you big on groceries.
  • Ask for help. Need extra chairs? Ask your friends to bring them instead of buying them. Looking for some preshow entertainment? Ask your friends to bring their favorite games to play. That’s what friends are for.

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