Friday, October 22, 2010

Make A Small Room Appear Larger

Everyone has at least one room in their home that is too small. Here are 10 ways to make any room look bigger.

1. Using soft, lighter colors, as opposed to bright or dark colors, makes a room feel larger. So, work with pastels, neutrals, and/or whites.

2. Choose monochromatic color scheme: colors with the same hue but different intensities. (A paint swatch card would provide an example of different tones of the same color). Use two or more of these monochromatic colors on furniture, rugs, and/or walls to create a stylish, pleasant look.

3. Use lighting to open up space. Recessed spot lighting is attractive and practical. A torchiere light allows light to bounce from the ceiling back down to the room. Skylights and solar tubes add natural light.

4. Cut the number of accessories and decorations to avoid clutter, which would make the room feel even smaller.

5. Keep the floor and ceiling light colored as well. Choose a light-colored carpet or light oak to make the room appear brighter. And keep the ceiling white or at least a light color to open up the space.

6. Wall mirrors make the room look larger and reflect images, light, and color. Try mirror tiles on an entire wall, making the room feel double in size.

7. Limit the amount of furniture in small places. Try downsizing a full-size sofa to a love seat.

8. Put up paintings or prints to add depth. Larger paintings work better than a group of small paintings.

9. Keep the room visually balanced. For example, a large and bright element could overwhelm a small room and make the room feel small.

10. Try using a glass table for dining, coffee, or end table. They will keep the room feeling open.

NALA needs a Home!

Nala: Rottweiler, Dog; Chester, MDEnlarge Photo
Nala: Rottweiler, Dog; Chester, MD Nala: Rottweiler, Dog; Chester, MD


Rottweiler/Shepherd Mix: An adoptable dog in Chester, MD

Medium • Young • Female
Nala was born October 5, 2009 which makes her just a little over one year old. She was adopted from ARF when she was just a baby. She was returned due to the family could no longer take care of her. She is as sweet as can be, house-trained (rings a bell to go out), crate-trained, up-to-date on shots, on heartworm preventative, micro-chipped and spayed. She does have lots of energy so she would do great in an active household. She does well with children, other dogs and she is just learning about cats.

More about Nala

Spayed/Neutered • Up-to-date with routine shots • House trained

Nala's Contact Info

Animal Resource Foundation Inc, Chester, MD