Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Facebook Facts,Ownership and History- A Wild Ride!

I find the timeline and lineage of FACEBOOK very fascinating. It's hard to believe the exponential growth that has been achieved in such as short period of time. Nevertheless, the charts below tell the story!

Here is the break down of ownership by employees and investment community. The real question from many is when will FACEBOOK decide to go public?

Here are some other interesting FACTS

  1. Facebook was originally bankrolled by a co-founder of Paypal for $500,000
  2. There is evidence that founder Mark Zuckerberg stole many of the ideas and much of the code from ConnectU. They sued Facebook and settled for an undisclosed amount.
  3. 400,000,000 people log into their profile at least once a month
  4. Half of those people log in every day.
  5. 70% of Facebook users live outside of the US.
  6. 44.1% of Denmark has an active Facebook profile.
  7. Only Google gets more traffic.
  8. Yahoo! tried to buy Facebook in 2006 for $1,000,000,000.
  9. 8,300,000,000 hours are spent on Facebook monthly.
  10. The fastest growing demographic in America on Facebook: Women 55+.
  11. FAD is a mental disorder – Facebook Addiction Disorder. FAD. Ironic.
  12. Court notices and summons sent through Facebook are legal and binding in Australia.

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