Friday, April 16, 2010

Yes, you can have a pony!

Ok you just had a flash back to childhood.  I bet you can remember having that knock down drag out screaming fit with Mom or Dad on the old pony request. You know, the one where you were on the floor kicking and screaming in the last stages of hyperventilation with some foreign substance streaming from your nose.

Mom finally said a Pony was out of the question. How dare she ruin my life!!!

Now let’s segue into Grown-up-ville where you’re on the hot seat from little Johnny to deliver the next Xbox game or Steve Job’s latest hit me for $500.00! I think the mortgage and electric are still due this month.

Do we really need all of this stuff to be happy? We grew up just fine without the Pony and I suspect we’ll be just fine in the end without Tour of Duty 12.

So for all you Moms and Dads that are commiserating over the next potential capital expenditure, just take a deep breath and let Suzie know that Yes, she can have that Pony when she’s all grown up.

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