Thursday, March 25, 2010

Crazy Maryland Laws

So we've all heard of these so called crazy laws. Here are a few that may peak your interest. I personally like the one where it's illegal to take a lion to the movies!

Maryland Jokes

Maryland Crazy Law

  • Thistles may not grow in one's yard.


  • No person who is a "tramp" or "vagrant" shall loiter in any park at any time. They define tramp as a person who roves for begging purposes and a vagrant as an idle person who is able-bodied living without labor. It's a $50 fine. I guess the tramp would have to beg for the money to pay the fine. -Park Rule 6


  • It's illegal to take a lion to the movies.

  • It's illegal to throw bales of hay from a second-story window within the city limits.

  • It is a violation of city code to sell chicks or ducklings to a minor within 1 week of the Easter holiday.

  • It is a park rule violation to be in a public park with a sleeveless shirt. $10 fine. This would include joggers that go shirtless. (1898)

    Baltimore City

  • You may not curse inside the city limits.

  • Though you may spit on a city roadway, spitting on city sidewalks is prohibited.


  • Though clotheslines are banned, clothes may be draped over a fence.

  • You can not have a antenna exposed outside of your house yet you can have a 25' satellite dish.

    Ocean City

  • Eating while swimming in the ocean is prohibited.

  • A law from the early 1900's prohibits men from going topless on the Boardwalk. (Repealed) 

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